Thursday Music Crawl Schedule

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Blue Canoe
Peter Lawren Clark
7:45 PM
121 Shuswap St
Tom Walbank
9:15 PM

Wicked Spoon
Jordan Dean
7:00 PM
200 Trans-Canada Hwy
Brent Parkin
8:15 PM
Jesse Mast
9:30 PM

Shuswap Chefs
Kat Danser
6:30 PM
551 Trans-Canada Hwy
Jordan Dick Trio
7:45 PM

Shuswap Pie Co
Dolly Vardens
5:30 PM
331 Alexander St NE
Seal Skull Hammer
6:30 PM

Hideaway Pub
Crown the Guilty
8:00 PM
995 Lakeshore Dr
Salmon Armenians
9:00 PM

Shuswap Theatre
Red Tail Ring
7:30 PM
41 Hudson Ave NW
Naomi Wachira
8:40 PM
Magpie Ulysses & James Lamb
9:30 PM

Ross St Stage
7:00 PM
Ross St @ Hudson Ave

Salmon Arm Arts Centre
Experiment in F# Minor – Cardiff Miller installation
open till 8:30 PM
70 Hudson Ave NE