For the 23RD Annual ROOTS&BLUES Festival we celebrated 50 Years of the Grateful Dead and on late Sunday afternoon a special cast of players and singers took a packed house in our Boogie Bar’N on a heck of rollicking ride that touched on so many of the classic songs of the Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter songbook.


As we set sail into 2016 it seems only fitting that we put one of our spotlights on the 40th Anniversary of one of the biggest roots music events in the history of contemporary music.

Strange as it might seem to some of us, it was indeed 40 years ago this coming November that the five original members of The Band gathered at San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom with a crew of their favorite musical brothers and sisters and delivered an amazing concert that to this day demands repeated viewings.

While we are still determining which artists attending Roots and Blues ’16 will be participating in our tribute to the Last Waltz, we can tell you that the classic Band songs sung by Levon Helm, Richard Manuel and Rick Danko, from Up On Cripple Creek to Stage Fright to It Makes No Difference to Chest Fever, will all get proper representation. The same will go for the tunes performed by Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Dr. John, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton and Paul Butterfield.

Given some of the names we’ve already released it won’t be a stretch for Roots and Blues patrons to connect a dot or two when predicting who may be on this bill that will be a favorite of both young and longtime Roots and Blues fans.

Get ready to visit a spectacular set list that will include Muddy’s Mannish Boy, Joni’s Coyote, Neil Young’s take on Ian Tyson Four Strong Winds, Dr. John’s Such and Night, the Ronnie Hawkins romp of Who Do You Love, and Dylan’s I Shall Be Released.

How could we not celebrate The 40th Anniversary of The Last Waltz?