Barn Stage:
Snap, Crackle & Pop – Saturday 10:30am
Apadoorai, Street Drum Corps, Felix Zenger
-Percussion on garbage cans, percussion in the beat box and the percussion of the didgeridoo

Franco-Fusion – Saturday 12:55pm
Mighty Popo, Afrikan Blues Project, Apadoorai
-Music from the Franco-African musical experience of Eastern Canada. French Canada attracts French African musicians, and these blended communities and have made a cultural impact in that part of Canada

World Dub Dance – Sunday 10:30am
Ganga Giri, Sergent Garcia, Luisa Maita?-A dub dance jam

Developed DNA – Sunday 12:55pm
Afenginn, Guerrista, Afrikan Blues Project?-Bastardized ethno, bastardized blues, bastardized african music. By crossing musical boundaries music is a living art form. Where will it take you.

Focus Stage:
Early In The Game – Saturday 10:30am
Don Amero, Ashlea Jonesmith, Jone Bone
-Exploring the journey of the young and developing musician

Breakin’ Ground Through New Sound – Saturday 12:55pm
Felix Zenger, Chris Derksen, Eekwol
-Loops, effects, mic technique and spoken word

Multi Media Song Writing – Sunday 10:30am
Sharon & Bram, Bob Wiseman, Justin Rutledge
-Writing for various medias – Kids TV (Sharon and Bram), new media (Bob Wiseman),literature and soundtrack (Justin Rutledge)

Unintentional Unconventional – Sunday 12:55pm
Bob Wiseman, Cris Derksen, Taimane Gardner
-Maintaining musical integrity, and nurturing innovation in an industry dominated by bean counters.

Shade Stage:
All Things Strings – Saturday 12:05pm
Taimane Gardner, Afenginn, Current Swell, Colin Grant
-Furiously plucking fingers, resonating strings and bow rosin. A collaboration of incredibly skilled roots musicians strolling through a garden of acoustic delicacies

Back Porch Blues – Saturday 4:05pm
Samuel James, Sojourners, Harrison Kennedy
-Back porch blues under the shade of the willows

Lobster, Lighthouses & Libations – Sunday 12:05pm
Colin Grant, Rachel Davis, Buddy MacDonald, Gillian Boucher
-A musical journey of Cape Breton

Tin, China & Pearl – Sunday 4:05pm
Arkells, Guerrista, Justin Rutledge
-Musical anniversaries

Blues Stage:
Harp & Keys – Saturday 11:50am
Ben Waters, MonkeyJunk, Mark Hummel
-B3, harmonica & improvisation

Organ Transplant – Saturday 2:30pm
Mark Hummel, Ben Waters, Rosie Ledet, Dwayne Dopsie
-A free for-all of wind driven gumbo

Crocs’n’Gators – Sunday 11:50am
Rosie Ledet, Dwayne Dopsie, JJ Grey
-Southern funk and soul

Rhythm & Blues & Church pews – Sunday 2:30pm
Teeny Tucker, Sojourners
-Rich gospel, sweaty R & B, and sweet vocals

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