Confirmed Artists as of July 6, 2011
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Afenginn – Denmark
With high tempo, great joy and border seeking musical ideas Afenginn has built up a reputation of virtuosity and of excellent live shows the past years – Afenginn means intoxication and strength!

Afrikan Blues Project – QC
The Afrikan Blues Project is a band initiated by singer and guitar player Gotta Lago. Born on the Ivory Coast, he grew up learning the great traditions of African music and moved to Canada in 1998. With the help of Montreal guitar player and producer, Simon L’Esperance, this project made it possible to blend traditional African blues with American modernism. In African blues, only the story counts, emotions frame the theme with every single note. It’s a pure kind of music with two distinguished roots.
Angela Roy – BC
Angela is an award winning Artist-Educator, Drummer, Percussionist, traveled and studied rhythm and drum making, she tours through western Canada performing with and for children in all settings, for schools, early years programs to festival!Angela will engage your enthusiasm through the celebration of world music and play for children of all ages!

Annie Lou-YK
When Yukon songwriters Kim Barlow and Anne Louise Genest discovered a shared joy in the string band sounds and story songs of Southern old time music, they joined their considerable musical forces to form ‘Annie Lou’. They then added the fine skills of Lindy Jones, and Meredith Bates to round out the Annie Lou roster. Annie Lou’s lush vocal harmonies, beautifully crafted songs, and solid musical chops capture audiences when these northern women take the stage. Their songs reflect the solitude and grit of their northern home and draw a straight line to other times and places.

Apadooraï – Quebec
Kind of an aboriginal rebel child, cousin of World Beat, Trance and Electronica, Apadooraï resonates from conventional musical universes by offering a symbiosis between a duo of didgeridoo freaks and the contribution of crazy musicians that bring many different musical influences to the duo. The band knows how to surprise the most varied crowds and carry them in an exhilarating dance universe, with a clean and dynamic sound, free of electronic adjuncts. Through the continuous breath of its didgeridoo players and the sound vibration of one of the oldest musical instruments of the world, Apadooraï offers a surprising repertoire resembling the energy of some of the best DJs.

Arkells – ON
Arkells masterful blending of traditional blues hooks mixed with modern rock-laden riffs, and a touch of classic Motown era rhythms. Their catchy melodies and unbridled energy live garnered critical acclaim with NOW Magazine describing the Arkells as having “an awesome muscular quality that sets it apart from the output of so many of their sad-sack indie rock peers…”

Ashlea Jonesmith – BC
Ashlea’s powerful, emotionally charged voice and a distinct sincerity is reminiscent of what great country music used to be. Life and stage experience has changed her from an awkward and shy small-town dreamer into a confident and seasoned performer and an acclaimed singer/songwriter.

Ben Waters Trio – UK
A Ben Waters’ performance is a red hot revelation of New Orleans tinged piano and barnstorming jump back boogie dispensed with thunderous left hand patterns and a right hand that pounds up and down the keyboard in a blur. Combining a penchant for humorous delivery with a delightful mix of dazzling piano, and musical and visual jokes, Ben keeps his audiences both spell bound and in stitches in true piano man style.

Bob Wiseman – ON
Bob Wiseman’s name is usually preceded by the phrase “formerly of Blue Rodeo” but his own material is quite a different kettle of fish, featuring equal parts keen socio-political commentary, personal whimsy, and genre-defying mix n’ match musical moves. A truly inspiring singer/songwriter, Bob has the ability to express his many eccentricities using piano, a vintage Horner accordion, and sometimes a series of short films.

Broken Social Scene – ON
One of the most vital voices in independent music, BSS is a sprawling Canadian collective that has featured as few as six and as many as 19 members, released four full-length studio albums and launched several associated acts during its more than decade-long career. BSS releases have combined to sell more than one million copies worldwide.

Chloe, Kyle & Company – BC
Fasten your seatbelts, with Chloe and Kyle in the driver’s seat, we’re on a collision course with fun! For Chloe and Kyle Davidson, music is all about fun and kids inspiring kids. This award-winning brother/sister act has been putting smiles on faces since they started fiddling together at the ages of three and five. Backed by parents, Ken and Celeste (drums and keyboard), their repertoire is a comprehensive mix of musical styles from Celtic to Quebecois, blues to boogie, Metis to hoedown, and klezmer to classical.

Colin Grant Band – Cape Breton
Colin Grant embarks on his latest project: a dynamic and thoughtful mingling of beats and melodies from an extensive host of musical influences. Far from the awkward malaise of mohawked bag-pipers and kilted punks, the Colin Grant Band has created a kind of Celtic fusion that is as much Steely Dan and yes as it is Ashley MacIsaac. With a trio comprised of the manic Jason ”leaden-left-hand” Roach and embarrassingly talented Darren MacMullen Grant hooked up with the rough and red-eyed blues/funk rhythm section of Merlin Clarke and Donnie. Together, the group produces a fervent yet calculated rhythm that backs an expressively diverse range of tunes.

Cris Derksen – BC
Cris Derksen is a Canadian cellist whose captivating melodies and steadfast bass lines have captured the attention of local and international audiences. She is a diverse musician, easily melding into hip-hop, rock, folk, country, or whatever type of music to bring an intense ball of musical passion to her work. Using a loop station and effect pedals, she is able to create an inspiring multi-dimensional auditory experience that is uncharted for most classical players. Using sounds from her inherited past Cris mixes the traditional with the contemporary over and over again in both the cultural world as well as the music sphere.

Current Swell-BC
Current Swell, based in Victoria BC, is in the foreground of the “new roots” music front pushing out of Canada’s west coast. The band has been around for a few years getting their early recognition around the world as a mainstay in the “surf rock” community. Their sound continues to develop into a blues and roots feel, gaining even more popularity with their fans while sharing stages with bands such as Xavier Rudd, The Beautiful Girls, Bedouin Soundclash, the Beach Boys and many others.

Don AmeroMB
Growing up in the North End of Winnipeg, acoustic musician Don Amero has definitely faced his share of adversity. With poverty, gangs, drugs and violence as daily reminders of the harshness of the world, Don’s life was nevertheless tempered by love, support and the knowledge that a Greater Power was intimately involved in his life. Shaped and molded by his coming of age, his music now carries both the depth of experiencing hardship and the luminosity of experiencing hope. All who have the pleasure of listening to his music will no doubt leave with his encouraging message of positivity lifting their spirits.

Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers -USA
Dwayne (Dopsie) Rubin hails from one of the most influential Zydeco families in the world. Although inspired by tradition, Dwayne has developed his own high energy style that defies existing stereotypes and blazes a refreshingly distinct path for 21st century Zydeco music. This singer/songwriter and accordionist has performed all over the world since debuting his band, Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers, at age 19.

For Eekwol, creation brings growth in all aspects of life. As a dedicated hip hop emcee, Eekwol astounds her listeners with honest, direct and revolutionary words that come from places that are both original and groundbreaking. Her plan is simple. She takes pride in hip-hop and Indigenous culture, making a point to immerse those roots in her music and all aspects of her life.

Elvolutionaries – BC
The Circus is coming to town! The Elvolutionaries are a multifaceted acrobatic storytelling group. A combination of high-flying aerial silks acrobatics, dance and story telling delight the young and old alike.

Felix Zenger – Finland
Drums, scratches, bass, vocals, effects — and only one mouth! Felix Zenger not only produces a wide array of sounds and complex rhythms, but above all uses his voice to create new and original music with a unique style of his own. With more than 25 million YouTube views (and counting) he just might be on to something…

Five Alarm Funk- BC
Five Alarm Funk is a horn powered; percussion fuelled sonic and visual assault. For more than six years the band has brought their relentless and unforgettable live show to clubs and major festivals across Canada and the United States. The band on stage is an unstoppable orgy of energy. Ten musicians perform intricate and airtight arrangements with delirious dance moves and full on head banging. Choreographed arm movements coincide with melodic climaxes while the four percussionists create a true spectacle.

Ganga Giri – Australia
Ganga Giri, rhythmic didgeridoo virtuoso and percussionist, reflects much of the creative inspiration which Australia represents today. Explosive and pulsating; ambient and flowing at times, Ganga Giri is a pumping percussive multi-layered experience of complex grooves and raw, deep natural sound. They are inspired music creators whose passion brings people together in a modern day corroboree.

Gillian Boucher Band – Cape Breton
“In the hands of Gillian Boucher, the violin becomes a vehicle of transportation for the mind…
Her lyrical approach and sensitivity transcends genres and cultures, transporting listeners to far off exotic places accessible only in imagination.” Glenn Meisner, CBC Radio. Recipient of the Traditional/Roots Recording of the Year Award at the 2009 Nova Scotia Music Week Conference and Awards and nominee for the 2010 East Coast Music Award in the same category, Gillian Boucher has been travelling the world with her violin in hand since the age of 15.

Guerrista –BC
Guerrista has been together for close to two years and have been working hard to establish themselves in the local music scene. The Vancouver-based band consists of five members from all over Canada: Lyndsay Johnston, Taylor Jeffels, Pat Thom, Matt Danyliuk, and Chris Henderson. Guerrista has developed a progressive rock/blues sound with a retro feel that has caught the attention of music lovers of many different genres.

Harrison Kennedy – ON
Harrison’s voice goes beyond merely stretching out to reach and hold those notes. He also has an innate sense of drama that suffuses his bewitching lyrics with complete realism. By masterfully sliding from one mood to another with an ease only the greatest of bluesmen can approach.

J.J. Grey and Mofro – USA
Singing with a passion and fervor directly influenced by the classic soul heroes, JJ Grey has written and recorded five albums of original songs steeped in the rhythm & blues, rock, and country soul of his native backwoods home outside Jacksonville, Florida. Grey comes from a long tradition of Southern storytellers and, in that spirit, he fills his songs with details that are at once vivid, personal and universal.

John Butler Trio – Australia
Revered for their brilliant live performances and superb musicianship, one of Australia’s most esteemed bands, the John Butler Trio will bring their ‘April Uprising’ live show to the Salmon Arm Stage. The band has received international acclaim since the release of ‘Grand National’ in 2007. The Washington Post praised its “sauntering boogies with an affinity for hip-hop beats” and Rolling Stone Magazine said “Melody, Subtlety, Authenticity. Sophistication… Butler at his brand new best, blending his influences into a sound that is all his own…”

Jon Bone with the Karuna Movement-BC
The Karuna Movement is a jam band laying down a mix of reggae, funk, rock and world grooves, while coloring them with catchy melodies and deep lyrical content. Backed by a solid and energetic band, Jon Bone delivers a captivating stage presence and many leave the shows humming the tunes. Come Ready to Dance!

Jonny Lang– USA
Jonny Lang’s passionate voice and pulsating guitar solos make up one dynamic blues’ musician. This Grammy winning, former prodigy instrumentalist, who topped the Billboard New Artist chart with his first album at age 15, who is described as a riveting on-stage performer, has spent the past 14 years burning up the stage with such performers as Rolling Stones, Buddy Guy, Aerosmith, B.B. King, Blues Traveler, Jeff Beck, Sting, and played for a White House audience including President and Mrs. Clinton.

Justin Rutledge – ON
Justin Rutledge’s albums garner impressive amounts of critical acclaim. Between his debut, No Never Alone (2005), his sophomore release, The Devil On A Bench In Stanley Park (2006) and third album, Man Descending (2008), Rutledge has earned a Juno nomination, a Galaxy Rising Star award, countless year-end critics’ picks, the title of Toronto’s Best Local Songwriter (NOW Magazine), a spot on the 2008 Polaris Prize Long List and a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination.

Luisa Maita- Brazil
Sultry, seductive and infused with that inimitable samba swing, the music of Luísa Maita embodies the modern spirit of Brazil. Inspired by the bustling urban life found in her native city of São Paulo, She has a contemporary vibe with influences from alternative pop and down tempo electronic music melded with an acoustic foundation deeply rooted in samba, boss nova and MPB.

Mark Hummel and the Blues Survivors – USA
An incredibly powerful harmonica player and vocalist Mark Hummel, leader of The Blues Survivors, who has been a major force in shaping and defining this musical genre. Mark Hummel is a road warrior – a true Blues Survivor. Along the way, he has crafted his own trademark harmonica sound – a subtle combination of tone, phrasing and attack combined with a strong sense of swing.

Mighty Popo Trio – ON
His music reflects his immersion in a world culture which he has navigated with grace, sensitivity and an enormous sense of exploration and fun. It is enriched by many traditions. It is authentically his. It is validated by its own excellence. Yes, the Mighty Popo is a Rwandan/Burundian refugee/survivor whose music is steeped in African tradition. He is also one terrific musician and someone to watch.

MonkeyJunk – ON
MonkeyJunk is a band that draws heavily on the legends of the blues and translates that influence into a contemporary blend of swamp R&B, soul boogie and bedroom funk. This triple threat trio comprised of STEVE MARRINER, TONY D and MATT SOBB draws on ALMOST 60 years of combined experience playing blues live and in studio . . . and it shows.

Namgar- Russia
In the heart of Siberia, under bottomless blue sky Namgar’s music was born. Namgar masters the mysteries of the great wide open, voices of spirits, mountains and forests. She pays homage to the melodies sung to her by her granny and her father. Namgar’s wish is to maintain the tradition that has become near extinct. A mix of Buryat-Mongolian traditional music and modern rock/jazz elements added with the haunting voice of Namgar, her music is considered to be a unique fusion from a long forgotten part of the world.

Rachel Davis and Buddy MacDonald – Cape Breton
Rachel is a vibrant young player who was born and raised in Baddeck, Cape Breton. Rachel began playing fiddle at the age of 12, learning first from her grandfather, Clarence Long.
Buddy is a singer, guitarist and an accomplished songwriter whose finely crafted songs reflect the life and times at his home in Cape Breton Island on Atlantic Canada’s East Coast.
Together the two bring a show full of energy, and incredible talent that will have you singing along, clapping and dancing the entire show.

Rosie Ledet & the Zydeco Playboys – USA
Rosie Ledet has become the act to watch on the zydeco circuit. Brimming with coy sensuality, Rosie’s music is fresh and daring, while still retaining its links to its bayou Creole heritage. Rosie has a rare combination of talent, not only in the zydeco world, but in any musical genre. She can write top-notch award winning songs. Stand with the best of them on her instrument, and can sing circles around her peers.

Roxy the Clown – BC
Bop the Bunny is the family pet of a zany clown clan, will put a bounce in your step and a smile on your face as you encounter her quirky ways. Her energy springs to life and children squeal with delight as they laugh, sing and play with her. She believes that tricks are not just for kids…that we should all sing and play more because it’s good for the soul. In fact, she just might tease out that rascally rabbit inside of you!

Samuel James – USA
Samuel James is a performer of stunningly singular talent. A master of fingerstyle, slide, banjo, harmonica, and piano, this phenom is not yet out of his twenties. With musical influences ranging from Skip James and Sonny Terry to Gus Cannon and Charley Patton, such understanding of pre-war blues is rarely embodied in the music of one person.

Sergent Garcia-France
Sergent Garcia burst onto the French music scene in the late 1990s with a searing blend of Jamaican reggae and dancehall with Latin grooves that he dubbed “salsamuffin.” A veteran of French punk and indie rock, Sergent Garcia has explored his Spanish roots and passion for Caribbean and Latin music to create a popular sound that earned him fans across the globe and sales of hundreds of thousands of albums.

Sharon and Bram- ON
After spending twenty-two years as two-thirds of Canada’s most famous children’s entertainers Sharon, Lois & Bram, Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison are far from ready to retire. When Lois Lilienstein decided to stop touring in 2000, Sharon and Bram packed up their instruments and went back on the road doing what they’ve always done best, singing for children and their families. The show is simpler now, built around the folk-based music they began with, the lively action songs, the rhyming and counting songs, the energetic silliness and rhythmic audience participation songs that fill an entire concert hall with roaring, exuberant joy.,_Lois_%26_Bram
The Sojourners-BC
In The Sojourners’ universe, echoes of doo wop, R&B, country and blues combine to create a unique sound that has all but vanished from today’s world. To hear all three singers’ distinct vocals meet at a crossroads is to experience the signature Sojourners sound that weaves different gospel traditions that come together and blend mellifluously as one.

Street Drum Corps presents Bang! – USA
The latest theatrical production from the Street Drum Corps brand, BANG! explores the progression of urban percussion in a new show with music from SDC’s 2011 instrumental release, Big Noise. Blending influences as diverse as punk rock and the Burundi drummers of Africa, the percussion trio uses traditional instruments, found objects, and elements of dance to craft a unique experience. BANG! has electrified stages from Vans Warped Tour to the Ottawa Jazz Festival.

Taimane Gardner – Hawaii
Taimane has a unique ability to morph genres from Classical to Classic Rock to Latin to pop on her ukulele without blinking; her song entitled “Led Zeppelin meets Beethoven” is a perfect example of that ability. She is charismatic and her tremendous stage presence leaves audiences mesmerized after every show.

Taj Mahal-USA
Two time Grammy-winner composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Taj Mahal is one of the most prominent and influential figures in late 20th century blues and roots music. Though his career began more than four decades ago with American blues, he has broadened his artistic scope over the years to include music representing virtually every corner of the world. What ties it all together is his insatiable interest in musical discovery. Over the years, his passion and curiosity have led him around the world, and the resulting global perspective is reflected in his music.

Teeny Tucker-USA
Teeny was born into Blues royalty, (Daughter of Tommy Tucker) one need only to hear Teeny to know that she has cultivated and developed her “gifts” into her very own uniquely compelling “world-class” package. Teeny has been seen performing at many of the major Blues Festivals in the US, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy, including a performance at the famed Apollo Theatre, earning her overwhelmingly praised by both critics and audiences.

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