Bedouin Soundclash
Pushing the boundaries that separate musical genres, Bedouin Soundclash combines the captivating intonations of lead singer, Jay Malinowski, with swaying rhythm guitar, hypnotic bass grooves and a tidy percussive backfill to create one of the most recognizable mixes of reggae, rock and soul on the Canadian music scene.

The Black Pioneer Heritage Singers
Incorporating a wide variety of styles from field chants, rich spirituals, rollicking call and responses, and gospel standards, the Black Pioneer Heritage Singers are actual descendants of slaves who helped to settle Alberta in the early 1900’s. Led by founder and director, Junetta Jamerson, the Heritage Singers relay the pain of bondage of their forefathers and the celebration of their freedom through tight harmonies, soaring vocals, hand rhythms and lush vocal dynamics.

Blind God
A bluesy duo from the lower mainland whose dark sound and beautifully honest lyrics have been compared to Ben Harper meets Massive Attack. Blind God has the goods to take it all the way.

Ana Bon-Bon
Exuding an old-time blues meets sexy cabaret style, Ana Bon-Bon’s full-bodied voice, lively accordion playing and bon-temps vibe are guaranteed to light up any stage! With a mighty voice and commanding stage presence that has drawn frequent comparisons to Nina Simone and Mahalia Jackson, Miss Bon-Bon takes versatility to a whole new level, ranging from folk-cafe style to full costumed cabaret hostess and performer.

Cedric Burnside and Lightnin’ Malcolm
Cedric Burnside earned his chops playing drums for his grand daddy, the legendary R.L. Burnside since the age of 13. Walking the line between powerhouse blues and psychedelic rock, drummer Cedric Burnside and guitarist Lightnin’ Malcolm whip up a gritty elixir of Memphis funk, Mississippi traditional, and rhythmically charged country blues – proof positive that the title of their 2008 release, “2 Man Wrecking Crew” nails it to a T. The duo was recently awarded of the most prestigious blues awards in the business – the Blues Music Award for Best New Artist

CircusWest – Avatar Circus Project
Avatar Circus Project is a contemporary circus performance featuring Westcoast circus professionals who are mastering the arts of physical theatre, new media and comedy.
Children will develop skills, confidence and passion while attending the mini circus school workshops at the festival.
The circus is the place to learn to fly, and to experience the physically ‘impossible.’

Possessing a wicked falsetto and funkadelic grooves that rivaled contemporaries of his day like Sly Stone, Al Green and Curtis Mayfield, this 70’s funk and soul crooner was one of the founding fathers of authentic soul music in the San Francisco area and is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity with some of his more recognizable tunes like “Didn’t I” and “Legs”.

Sherman Doucette
Recognized as one of the best blues singer/harp players in the biz, Sherman “Tank” Doucette, has shared his passion for blues, soul and boogie on stage with John Lee Hooker, Pine Top Perkins, Long John Baldry, and countless others. A staple of the Vancouver music scene for over 30 years, this bad to the bone bluesman plays with a passion and conviction few can deliver.

Dr. John & The Lower 911
One of the most revered and prominent music figures of the last half century, Dr. John cooks up a roilin’ pot of N’yawlins funk ‘n jazz, untamed boogie, and smokin’ southern blues, seasoned with his own irrepressible swamp-voodoo style which he describes simply as “fonky”. This Louisiana Music Hall Of Famer’s unmistakable bourbon-and-sandpaper voice and vibrant onstage persona decked in brightly colored robes and Mardi Gras-esque feathered headdresses, landed him in the limelight in the 70’s with hits like “Makin’ Whoopee” (recorded with Ricki Lee Jones) and his signature chartbuster, “Right Place, Wrong Time”.

Elliott BROOD
2009 Roots and Traditional Album of the Year Juno nominee, Elliott BROOD, has developed a reputation as one of the busiest and most exciting live bands in Canada, sharing stages with Wilco, Blue Rodeo, Broken Social Scene, Corb Lund and countless others. With a style that has been categorized as death country, blackgrass and even urban hillbilly, this band’s energetic sound won them a Juno in 2006 for Best Roots/Traditional Album and the 2006 Galaxie Rising Star Award for Best New Band .

En Karma
Vancouver’s premiere bhangra band! With an electrifying rush, their sound floods body, mind, and soul, striking the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary with elements of rock, reggae and R&B thrown in. Grab your sunglasses and get ready for the fireworks, En Karma is here.

Firzle the Clown
Firzle is a four-year old character who just loves clowning around! She was born to the wildly creative imagination of local performer Roxy Roth, whose multiple talents include side-splitting tom-foolery, face-painting and balloon art. She has knack for musical fun too! When not performing her feel-good antics at schools, corporate events, and private functions, Roxy teaches music and music therapy.

Flock, Arnold, Hopkins Trio
The Flock, Arnold, Hopkins Trio came about when three friends from the Okanagan, Luke Arnold, Bryn Flock, and Lyle Hopkins, came to know each other through their passion for Jazz and improvised music. Since their conception the trio has been playing through out the Okanagan; Performing with Local greats such as Gerry Sholomenko and Flora Ware. The two guitarists accompanied by the double bass is an elegant and intimate context for the timeless standards they perform.

Dominique Fraissard
One of Canada’s premier songwriters and performers, Dominique Fraissard’s inventive techniques on six and twelve string acoustic guitars beautifully accentuate the deeply soothing tonality of his voice and intimate songwriting. As his star rises, he is in ever-increasing demand supporting artists like the John Butler Trio, Jack Johnson, Roger McGuinn, Rory Mcleod, Andy White, and Penelope Swales among many others.

Grady is an Austin, TX swamp blues/rock band fronted by former Big Sugar lead man, Gordie Johnson. With picks on all his fingers, Johnson’s paint-peeling slide guitar and gut-splitting vocals rip it up in this razor-sharp power trio that includes the sprawling bass and backing vocals of “Big” Ben Richardson, and the gunshot drumming of Nina “Drumbellina” Singh.

Aaron Gregg
One of the most original family entertainers around, Aaron Gregg is unconventional, irrepressible and positively irresistible. Combining zany circus stunts and stupefying antics, Aaron sets out at a dizzying pace to, not only tickle your funny bone, but wrestle it to the ground until you beg for mercy. His show is a hilarious hodgepodge of no holds barred physical comedy that has been featured on national television in eight countries around the world and he holds the Guinness World Record for chainsaw juggling! Keep an eye out for Aaron and his comedy as he performs double duty as one of our emcees on the TD Canada Trust Main Stage.

Herting Verburg Power Trio
Jake Verburg is a local guitarist influenced by music from all over the world. The past few years he has been exploring gypsy jazz and acoustic music. Joining him are two more local multi-instrumentalists, Darrin Herting and Leon Power, instilling their own equally inventive influences into this trio’s unique sound.

Veda Hille
One of the most genuinely original musicians in Canada, this talented singer-songwriter mines the depths of her own personal triumphs and tragedies in intimate explorations of love, death, religion and reckoning, leading us on a beautifully raw journey through the sublime and subtle absurdities of life.

Horace X
A surprise return of one of the Festival’s most popular past acts! Behold a rampant mix of Irish/Indian fiddles, jazzy eastern European saxophones, ragga ranting, samples and drumming in a driving assault on all your senses. Dumping dancehall, punk, rock, Balkan, club, and other styles into their own personal blender, Horace X turns out a manic mix of organic and digital, live and sequenced, and traditional and contemporary sounds – a virtual multicultural melting pot of styles.

Hoven Droven
A contagious musical goulash of Swedish folk, full-on percussion, blistering fiddle work, and fierce guitars, as Hoven Droven takes traditional Swedish melodies and rocks them hard ‘til the windows rattle wide open and the walls come tumbling down.

Kiki The Eco Elf
With a topper of bright green tresses and a broad palette of face paints to transform you into whatever your imagination fancies, Kiki, the Eco Elf will take your environmental blues and colour them green in an interactive, fun and educational performance filled with thought provoking songs and eco-friendly advice.

Kries, which means “bonfire” in the archaic form of the Croatian language, will set the stage ablaze with the rhythm of the lijerica, a pear-shaped, three-stringed Croatian instrument played with a bow; the earthy beats of the African djembe; and contemporary electro-grooves creating a modern musical global village.

Lee Harvey Osmond emerged as the artistic alter-ego of former Junkhouse leadman, Tom Wilson, on the Cowboy Junkies release, “Kennedy Suites”, a collection of songs based on events of the day JFK was assassinated. Wilson describes the music of Lee Harvey Osmond as “acid folk” while others interpret its underworld eeriness as good organic stuff with a sort of Junkhouse meets the Cowboy Junkies quality. Evolving into a full-fledged cooperative of the best Canadian talent, Lee Harvey Osmond currently features Wilson on vocals/acoustic guitar, Jesse Goldstein on pedal steel, Brent Titcomb on various instruments and Ray Farrugia on percussion.

David Ross MacDonald
A frequent session player with the Waifs, Aussie folk singer, David Ross MacDonald, sets sail on a sublime instrumental voyage, captivating the listener with free-spirited vocals, intricate fingerstyle guitar playing and artistic leaps in songwriting that stay the course the whole way through.

Ari(el) Neufeld
Winner of the 2008 BC Interior Music Award for Male Performer of the Year, Ari Neufeld’s uniquely raw and organic observations of life are intrinsically woven into a warm musical quilt of intelligent multi-hued lyrics, supremely textured acoustic guitar work, and complex melodies, all neatly complemented by measured scoops and stomps on a little wooden box he salvaged from his grandfather’s tool shed.

Sierra Noble
A fiddle extraordinaire who moves effortlessly between Celtic, bluegrass, jazz, world beat and other music styles without missing a beat, Sierra Noble amazes audiences with her brilliant instrumentals and infectious down to earth charm.

Opening Axe
With the release of their debut cd “Accidental” in 2003, Opening Axe burst onto the Okanagan music scene winning the top prize in the Okanagan Grown Band Competition. “A Few Years Down The Road”, their sophomoric 2008 release, is a stunning showcase of polished creativity and maturity in songwriting, rich with gorgeous harmonies and sophisticated guitar work from our own two local up-and-comers, Bonnie McGrew and Kelsey Ngai.

One of the most irresistible groups of the last decade, Oysterband is the seminal English folk-rock band brandishing lyrics that are often dark and serious with historical leanings toward English civil rights stories, contrasted by their straight-ahead guitar pop, Celtic edge.

Ana Popovic
One of the most promising young blues talents around, Ana Popovic is well on her way to the top ranks of the European blues scene with a steamy mix of traditional blues, elements of R&B and soul, and an occasional side of jazz thrown in. This 2003 W. C. Handy Award nominee for Best New Artist is the only continental European artist ever nominated in the category and also the first European artist to perform at the awards.

Murray Porter
“I’m a red man, singing the black man’s blues, living in a white man’s world.”
Murray Porter is a Mohawk Indian from the Turtle Clan, born and raised on the Six Nations Reserve in southern Ontario and the recipient of the Songwriter of the Year Award at the first ever Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards in 1999. Often compared to the likes of Dr. John, Joe Cocker and Delbert McClinton, this self-taught singer/songwriter and piano player employs his own unique style of foot-stomping, hand clapping Native piano blues to tell the Aboriginal side of history with a mixture of country, blues and humor.

Donné Roberts Band – African Pow-wow Project
Take one part Donné Roberts and his band with music steeped in the rhythmic vitality of his Malagasy homeland; one part Marc Nadjiwan, whose cutting edge take on Aboriginal music makes him one of the most avant-guard First Nations musicians ever; then infuse it with the astonishing vocal range and powerful stage presence of Metis performing artist, Jani Lauzon, and you have one of the most exciting triple threat collaborative efforts imaginable, crossing over into new and uncharted musical territory with an innovative and ground-breaking African pow-wow.

Sam Roberts Band
Hits like “Brother Down”, “Them Kids” and “Detroit ‘67? have Sam Roberts and his band careening down the Canadian rock superhighway enroute to international star status with five MuchMusic Awards and six Junos to their credit including 2009 Artist of the Year and 2009 Rock Album of the Year.

Rumba Calzada
As leaders of the Vancouver scene in the nuevo fusion Latin music movement, Rumba Calzada is a world class band with a contagious sound that is novel, contemporary, distinctive and perfect to either immerse yourself in the lively sounds of their intoxicating Latin rhythms or get up and move to the beat. We suggest the latter – it’s gonna be a Latin dance party like no other!

Serena Ryder
Serena Ryder possesses a powerful vocal range, raw talent and a tough as nails attitude that has propelled her to the top of the charts with self-penned singles like “Weak in the Knees” and her latest single, “Little Bit of Red”. As the 2008 JUNO Award’s New Artist of the Year and the winner of the 2009 Juno for Adult Alternative Album of the Year, her continual growth as one of the country’s most promising songwriters has also led to gold record status in Canada.

Rana Santacruz
Labeled as “Irish mariachi” and “tortilla bluegrass”, Rana Santacruz re-invents conventional Mexican accordion music ranging in styles from the lively Son Jarocho – the traditional music of Veracruz, to colorful and melodramatic serenades, bending it to his will with a fresh and decidedly alternative folk/punk attitude.

Samantha Schultz
As the youngest nominee in the Young Performer of the Year category at the 2006 Canadian Folk Music Awards, Samantha Shultz’s remarkable talents belie her young years. At just 17, this up-and-coming singer/songwriter out of Edmonton will rock you with her powerfully soulful vocals or move you to tears with a quiet folk ballad. Most definitely, a star on the rise.

Youssoupha Sidibe
Youssoupha Sidibe is one of the world’s most virtuosic kora players, fusing western, reggae, and African techniques into angelic songs that overflow with soothing vocals, soulfully carrying devotional lyrics sung in Wolof, Arabic, French and English. Youssoupha’s healing music inspires and empowers people of all ages, celebrating the human experience and exploring the vitality of African culture.

The Six String Nation
The Six String Nation guitar is the brainchild of visionary, Jowi Taylor, the multiple award winning host of CBC Radio’s “Global Village” and “The Wire”. It embodies 64 separate components of wood, metal, and organic materials such as bone and minerals, expertly amalgamated into a fascinating conduit of Canuckdom by master luthier, George Rizsanyi. Pieces of Pierre Trudeau’s paddle, the Bluenose II, the lighthouse that received the first distress signal from the RMS Titanic, Wayne Gretzky’s hockey stick, Nancy Greene-Raine’s skiis, a 300 year old Golden Spruce sacred to the Haida, and a portion of the oldest rock in the world found near Great Bear Lake are all woven into this extraordinary instrument. To learn more about who has played the Six String Nation guitar (including 2009 Festival artist, Serena Ryder) visit While you’re there, check out the Guitar Explorer page which has a feature that allows you to click on various spots on the guitar to see where each piece is from (very cool).

Souljah Fyah
Winners of Kelowna’s Rockanagan Festival and the 2008 Western Canadian Music Award for Outstanding Urban Recording, Souljah Fyah is a high-energy female fronted reggae band out of Edmonton with powerful beats and a wicked stage show that recently also earned them the title of “Top Reggae Band” at the Canadian Reggae Music Awards. Their one love message of peace and social consciousness transcends far beyond the traditional domain of the irie genre, while their fully charged live performances literally set the stage on fyah every time they get their groove on!

Soul of John Black
Soul, gospel, funk and hip-hop are the well from which The Soul of John Black (aka John Bigham) takes a long satisfying drink that spills forth into his own cool, confident repertoire of soul, hip hop and rock, redefining soul music for a whole new generation.

It’s percussive pandemonium of epic proportions when SWARM hits the stage! Drum sculptures, marimbas, water gongs, vacuum whirligigs, tuned artillery shells and parachute projection screens are all in for a sound beating as the SWARM troupe propels percussion theatre to new heights. Hammering out a combustive combination of music, movement and mass accompanied by their own compelling choreography, SWARM’s performances are so jam packed, you don’t dare to blink for fear of missing even a single beat!

Aspen Switzer and Thistledowne
Aspen Switzer’s voice will stop you in your tracks. Filled with longing and an ethereal yet grounded quality, it is powerful, subtle, pure and haunting. Aspen is accompanied by Jessa Koerber on keyboards and mandolin and Jesse Lee on guitar and bass. The trio adds seemless harmonies for a full and luxurious sound, balancing the charm and warmth of old time music with the contemporary.

Tiny Bill Cody
Tiny Bill Cody (aka singer-songwriter, Tor Lukasik-Foss) brands his own unique twist on country and folk, blending post-modern folk music, performance art and an urban cowboy twang. His bare-bones performances are brutally honest life observations that are simultaneously cynical and more often than not, downright humorous.

Maryem Tollar & Roula Said, with Rick Shadrach Lazar
A feast for the eyes and ears as three of the world’s brightest lights shine as one in an exotic fusion of Middle Eastern music and dance – Maryem Hassan Tollar, intoning gorgeous vocals that embody the expressive musical artistry of her Arabic ancestors; alternative Arabic percussion by Rick Shadrach Lazar, founder of the award winning percussion group, Samba Squad; and Roula Said, summoning her Palestinian roots in a captivating display of technique and an impassioned celebration of the world of bellydance.

Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue
Joining the ranks of fellow New Orleans’ Center for the Creative Arts alumni, Wynton Marsalis, Branford Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr. and Nicholas Payton, 22-year old trombone phenom, Troy “Trombone Shorty’ Andrews, fronts one of the most highly energetic assemblages of funksters ever to slip-slide north from the Big Easy.
“Troy possesses the rarest combination of talent, technical capability and down home soul. I’m his biggest fan…” Wynton Marsalis

Chad VanGaalen
Drawing comparisons to Neil Young and Beck, this Calgary-based 2009 Juno nominee for Alternative Album of the Year crafts a sonic tapestry of crunchy guitars and expressive hooks, peppered with glitchy beats, plaintive vocals and the occasional strain of homemade saxophones and violins thrown in for good measure.

Ben Waters
A Ben Waters’ performance is a red hot revelation of New Orleans tinged piano and barnstorming jump back boogie
dispensed with thunderous left hand patterns and a right hand that pounds up and down the keyboard in a blur. Combining a penchant for humourous delivery with a delightful mix of dazzling piano, and musical and visual jokes, Ben keeps his audiences both spell bound and in stitches in true piano man style.

Johnny Winter
Still alive and well and playing like his arms are on fire, the one and only Johnny Winter brings his trademark rockin’ blues to our very own Roots and Blues main stage along with some brand new material from his last release, “I’m A Bluesman”. A true blues legend in our own time.

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