Heads Up! The festival campsites are 70% sold and going fast. We suggest if you want to camp during the event go and get your spot now.

ROOTS&BLUES camping starts Thursday,  August 18th at 2 pm, 19, 20 and 21st, 2016. Adjacent to the festival!

Campsite Directions Map  20 by 20 $99 for 4 nights, 20 by 40 $129 for 4 nights (No single nights available).

Please take a few minutes to review our Campground rules 2016  before registering.

Sites are assigned sequentially upon arrival, there is no reserving of specific sites. No Pets,  No Refunds

Purchase a camping spot first, if you have already purchased a spot please  complete the registration form below and hit send once completed (bottom of the page).

Last Name of Purchaser (required)

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Children under the age of 16 camping with you: yes no

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 20ft x 20ft - $95 (incl tax) per spot for 4 nights, Max 4 people per spot. 20ft x 40ft (limited) - $129 (incl tax) per spot for 4 nights, Max 6 people per spot.

Number of People on Camp Spot (required):
Please note maximum numbers per spot size outlined above.

I am aware that my registration allows a limited amount of people and that I cannot hold a site for parties arriving later in the weekend.

No Pets Allowed, No Showers or Hookups Available, No Refunds, No Fires, No Noise After 11pm.
Eviction without refund for violation of rules. Please remember to bring ID to check in.

Please read and agree to Campground Rules & Info (hit send at bottom of page)

1. Campsites are limited to one camping unit per site and one travel vehicle: a vehicle & tent or truck & camper.
2. Campsites are limited to a max of 4 people per 20 by 20 site & a max of 6 people to a 20 by 40 site. Some exceptions may be made for families.
3. Camping fees are non-refundable.
4. Campgrounds are open at 2:00 pm on Thurs. Aug. 18th. Check-out is no later than 12:00 pm on Mon. Aug. 22nd. Gates to the campsite and Check ins will be closed at 9:00 pm.
5. Campers are designated to any one of our 3 sites at the discretion of our volunteers to keep traffic flow moving. We allocate the spots upon arrival, campers cannot choose their sites.
6. You are required to show photo ID upon check-in. You'll receive a dashboard pass & campground wristbands for each member of his/her camping party at check-in & are responsible for the distribution. NO ADDITIONAL WRISTBANDS WILL BE ISSUED.
7. Other parking is available in paid parking sites or free in our Volunteer Parking lot located on the other side of the Festival. A Festival Campgrounds Parking Pass will be issued upon request at time of registration to be displayed on your dash in the Volunteer Parking lot.
8. NO saving of sites for parties that are arriving later in the weekend. Each vehicle is required to present its own camping pass. There is a message board at the middle Entrance/Exit in Campground One, if you wish to leave your information about where and when your friends can connect with you.
9. Respect the parking rules/signs. Keep campground driving lanes clear for emergency vehicle access. Vehicles parked on campground driving lanes will be towed at owner’s expense.
10. Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm – 8:00 am. The Roots and Blues Festival reserves the right to limit noise and/or rowdiness at anytime. On-site security will be available throughout the night at designated central sites. Please report offenders to our security personnel.
12. NO PETS ALLOWED. Campers who are found with animals within the campgrounds will be asked to vacate without refund of camping or festival fees.
13. No generators during quiet hours. Restriction of generators to daytime use & only when vehicle owner is present.
14. Keep your valuables locked in the trunk of your vehicle. ROOTS&BLUES assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged articles.
15. Our campgrounds is located in a rural area with wildlife present. Store all food and drinks in your vehicle overnight and keep children under supervision.
16. Use only the designated entrance and exit ways and keep access to residence driveways clear.
17. Because the amenities are limited at our campground, we ask that you be sure to have a flashlight on hand for nighttime activities and entries into the site.
18. Wasp season alert. There is a First Aid Station on the Festival Site. People with extreme allergies to wasp bites should bring the prescribed antidote.
19. August is fire season in BC. Smokers please use extreme caution when butting out. We have containers available at the exit gate if you would like to scoop up a little gravel for extinguishing your cigarettes. There is a fire extinguisher at the Entrance/Exit gate for emergencies, but please exercise common sense, as we REALLY don’t want to have to use it.
20. NO electrical or water hookups. Washstands & portable toilets at each campground. Please refrain from washing any food particles down the drain. Waste and recycling bins provided.
21. Please leave your campsite clean upon departure.

By clicking the tab below I acknowledge that I have read and understand the rules and regulations and that I accept the above terms and do not hold the Salmon Arm Folk Music Society or its staff or volunteers responsible for any loss, theft or damage incurred to myself or my equipment.
I agree to the above terms and conditions.